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As a service to our community members DelightfullyDog.com is pleased to offer product reviews for new and existing dog products. We will provide a complete written review, photos of product(s) in use when appropriate, and a 1 - 5 paw rating for each product. We require at least one sample of your product, if you wish to provide additional samples they will be awarded as prizes in our monthly contests. Please send us an email with complete information about your product and a photo when possible.

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If you are interested in having us review your product please email us with the above requested information
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  • Q&A: Grooming a Puppy
    Q: How do I groom a puppy? A: Answering your question is hard because you don't mention what breed the puppy is or how old it is. Both breed and age will influence the type of grooming you will need to do. Some medium- or short-coated breeds such as the Siberian Husky and many of the hounds are naturally quite clean. Puppies of these breeds will really only need a bath if they get in mud or roll in something smelly or if you plan to enter them in a dog show. They do need a good brushing and also need their nails clipped unless they go for walks on concrete as that tends to wear down nails. Other breeds such as poodles are called "high maintenance" breeds and have many steps required for grooming, even as puppies. Here is a web site that has a helpful listing of grooming steps for such high maintenance breeds: http://www.srv.net/~pcdude/acutabove/tips.htm I encourage you to talk to an expert on your breed, or read the grooming section of a breed book for details for your particular dog. One tip is important for all breeds, however, and it's this: all puppies should be regularly and pleasantly handled on their paws, their tails and so on so they associate grooming with pleasurable contact with their people. From time to time, offer a pup a treat or special praise for letting you handle their paws, for example. When you're ready ready to clip nails, they'll be less anxious and more relaxed, making it easier to do.For more Dog tips, visit http://Dog.lifetips.com

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