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8 years ago
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Fresh Boarder
Fresh Boarder

FurBaby Owner. Devout Animal Activist & Protector. I believe in defending the defenseless and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
I grew up around animals my best animal friends when I was 4, was a shetland pony who would fall asleep under a giant maple in our yard, with me on his back and a old male gander who disliked everyone but Mom and I, and would chase them out of the yard honking at them all the way.

I was blessed to grow up around all of the animals that we had, each day I learned something about the nature of animals and how truly amazing they are, regardless of species or breed.

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  • Zana
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  • Description: She passed 12/14/10. She was my darling shadow since 1996 when we found her and brought her into our house. I will miss her so much.
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