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Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound dogs are ancient and elegant sighthounds characterized by a great deal of agility and endurance. These aristocratic dogs are have a distinctive and beautiful thick, long and silky hair coat with a peculiar coat pattern.

Certain other names for Afghan Hound dogs are Sage Baluchi, Baluchi Hound, Lebrel Afgano, Tazi, Ogar Afgan, Afghanischer Windhund etc. They were originally used in the cold mountains of Afghanistan for hunting wild goats, snow leopards, hares, wolves and other such animals. Nowadays, they are also used for show purposes.

Physical Appearance

The tall Afghan Hound breed dogs have a distinctive dignified and aloof appearance. They tend to have long, straight legs and high hip bones. The strong neck is generally long and arched.

The almond shaped eyes are dark in color. The long ears covered with long silky hair lie flat to the head. The nose is usually black in color. The head is surrounded by a topknot of long and silky hair. There is a small curl or ring at the tip of the tail.

Color: Afghan Hound dog breed is available in a wide variety of colors, like blue, black, cream, brindle etc. White markings are usually discouraged.
Height: The average height of Afghan Hound breed dogs is generally 27 to 29 inches. The bitches, however, can be a bit shorter.
Weight: The ideal weight of both male as well as female Afghan Hounds ranges between 58 to 64 pounds.

Health Problems

Afghan Hound dog breed is comparatively healthy but still prone to health issues like Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune Diseases, Heart Diseases, Hip Dysplasia, Cataract, Corneal Dystrophy and other dog diseases. Some dogs of this breed may also be sensitive to certain chemicals and drugs.

Life Expectancy: The average lifespan of these dogs is usually 12 to 14 years.

Grooming Requirements

The long, silky and luxurious hair coat of an Afghan Hound requires regular extensive grooming. The average shedding hair coat should be brushed carefully at least once or twice in a week’s time.

When grooming requirements are so important then it is better to choose the grooming products intelligently. Therefore, it is recommended to brush the hair coat with the help of a pinbrush.

Moreover, Afghan Hound dogs being used for show purposes need to be bathed on a weekly basis to maintain the beautiful hair in perfect condition. In addition, clean the ears, eyes and beard on a regular basis. Also trim the dog’s toenails from time to time.


Afghan Hound breed dogs are gentle, affectionate, playful, courageous, intelligent, sweet, sensitive and a bit stubborn in temperament. When properly introduced and socialized, they do fairly well with other pets in the house.

Plus, Afghan Hounds are excellent with kids, especially older kids. However, they can be aloof and reserved with strangers. Though intelligent, still Afghan Hound dogs are not easy to train.

But, it is essential to train these dogs adequately with the help of gentle and consistent training methods so as to avoid destructive dog behavior. You should definitely not use harsh training methods on these dogs as they are sensitive. Afghan Hound dogs make for excellent watchdogs.

Key Points

These dogs require a great deal of physical exercise in the form of daily long brisk walks and play session for adequate physical and mental stimulation. Hence, they are highly suitable for active dog owners.

Lack of adequate physical activity gives rise to boredom in these dogs, which in turn manifests itself in the form of destructive activities like climbing, chewing and chasing other animals.

In fact, due to their high prey instincts, Afghan Hound dogs love to chase smaller animals outside. Being fairly inactive indoors, these large dogs are not suitable for apartment situation. In addition, Afghan Hound dogs can be difficult to housetrain.



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