Fostering or Adopting a needy dog - Is it right for your household?

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Fostering or Adopting a needy dog - Is it right for your household?
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If you have been thinking that you would like to have a dog perhaps you should consider either fostering or adopting a dog from a rescue group. Rescue groups represent every breed of dog and are always looking for foster homes. Good foster "parents" are very necessary to prepare a dog to become part of a household on a permanent basis. A dog that is being fostered in preparation for adoption needs a stable and loving foster home that will provide training and nurture until his forever home can be found.

As a rule the rescue group pays the vet bills for the pet's care and spay/neuter, shots, and whatever medical conditions need to be addressed. The foster parent provides nurture, builds trust, and quite often is the go-to person for information about the dog's personality, quirks, or special needs when a potential adoptive "forever home" is being considered.

The qualities needed for good foster parents include patience, compassion, firmness, stability, and consistency. Those are the qualities that most "rescue" dogs have never had in their lives.

Patience is needed because very often your foster will come to you stressed, confused, scared, and often sick due to neglect or outright abuse. He is probably untrained, expecting more abuse, totally untrusting of humans.

Compassion is needed because no matter how difficult he may initially be all he really needs is someone who cares enough about his well being to give him a chance.

Firmness is important because it is so easy to spoil an abused dog, you want so much to make all his unhappiness just disappear, to help him forget all the bad things that have happened in his wretched life. But in addition to the loving and nurture he will need to learn rules to prepare him to go to a new home.

A stable and calm household will give him the peace and security to relax and heal from his previous abuses and neglect. He will have a haven of safety in which to learn to trust again.

Because animal shelters are overcrowded and underfunded they are forced to euthanize many animals simply because they have run out of time--there are many more dogs waiting to come in so the dogs that have already had a chance have to go out. Many rescued dogs come from shelters, rescued right on the brink of euthanasia. The rescue groups try to save as many dogs as possible but because of having a shortage of suitable foster homes, sadly have to leave many behind to face death.

If you feel you have what it takes to love and care for one of these needy dogs please get in touch with your local rescue group and offer your services. I can tell you from years of personal experience that fostering a rescued dog will bring you a great joy and satisfaction and it will for sure change the lives of all the wonderful dogs you rescue!

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