Understanding problems with dog seperation anxiety

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Understanding problems with dog seperation anxiety
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Levels of anxiety can be different with dogs. Certain dogs can live alone for some time without being depressed. However, there are many who become anxious the moment you leave them alone. They are extremely attached to their masters and hence fear the thought of being abandoned. Dog separation anxiety can be a major issue for those puppies who are either frightened of being alone or are greatly attached to their owner. There are many signs that portray that your dog might be prey to anxiety from separation.

When bring a dog to your family ensure that he is provided a comfortable and secure environment. If this does not happen then the puppy will become depressed and behave abnormally. All the members of the family should be involved in the process of training your dog. This is because you certainly don't want your pet to be dependent on you. With such procedures, your dog will be obedient to the entire family and not you only.

If a dog is left alone for most of the times, he will presume that he is neglected and will seek attention. Dog separation problem is a rare ailment which is quite uncommon. But the presence of such ordeal should not be ignored and dealt with seriously.

Common symptoms are like panic, excitement, chewing, scratching, urination and defecation within the house. If your dog is house trained then the ordeal can be a major problem. Some dogs who cannot overcome depression enter into a state of remorse and grief which takes a toll on their health. Curing the problem can be a hectic process and may require time. Hence, inducing into the right procedures will make you and your dog combat such issues.

While you train your pet to learn being alone, it's important that you remain at home for most of the times. However, the procedure may demand you to move out for a short while and then return back. Try opening and closing the door after getting dressed up. This will signal your pet that you are about to leave the house. Repeat the process for a number of times until he understands that you are playing. Another method is to dress up as you were about to depart. Wear on your shoes and take the car keys. Then relax and start reading a book or even watch T.V. Your puppy would become agitated and start barking to see you move but this will actually calm his anxiety. Repeat the process for some time until he feels that it's normal for you to dress up and not leave him.

There are ways to deal with dog separation anxiety issues. Try implementing your own tactics. This is a behavioral issue and hence requires time to get resolved. As the owner of your pet never feel guilty of such ailments as they are completely solved.

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Ryan Carter has a keen interest in pets. He is skilled in pet relationship and has expertise in training dogs. Get more insight and information on dog separation anxiety symptoms and cure to provide your pet a happy lifestyle.


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