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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (0)

I've spent most of this week anxiously awaiting the results from Bella's DNA test. Considering the unopened box has been sitting in a closet for over a year, and why I'm suddenly so anxious to complete the text and get the results back, well that is anyone's guess. I purchased 2 of the DNA tests immediately when I first heard about them, having had mixed breed/mutts my whole life I was SO excited to finally know what exactly my little 4 legged children were! We completed the first test almost immediately with our older dog, Speckles. We were fairly certain that speckles was a rat terrier/chihuahua mix. Well when we received her results back, you can imagine our surprise to find that our 13 pound short haired pure black dog was a cocker spaniel/border collie mix!? I still don't see it. Maybe Speckles test was a bad sample, mix up in the lab, I don't know - can only speculate.

Probably the reason the other test sat in the closet for a year before I got around to doing the test on Bella. But never the less I'm very anxious to get her results back now.  So this week while on pins and needles awaiting Bella's results the joke has been "I can't wait to get Bella's DNA test back, I sure hope she's a dog!" After the surprise of Speckles test I'm half expecting Bella to be determined to be a tabby cat. We'll see!

In the end what kind of dog she is, or what kind of dog Speckles is.. none of it really matters to me. Because regardless of what their fancy little DNA certificate states; they are both loving, sweet, happy little dogs to me.. and that is the most important thing!

Cuddle all of your 4 legged children.. pure bred or mutt, as we love them all the same!

Puppy Cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (1)

I would venture to say dogs are quite possible one of the most loyal, loving, devoted species ever. Although with this being the case we hear increasing misunderstandings regarding specifc breeds. Sure we have all met at least one dog that was not nice and loving towards us, and for me that experience has stuck with me for years, however in my memories of my first negative experience with a dog the breed is not what comes to mind - its the specific dog. But it seems increasingly so that part of our society has started placing negative dog experiences on one breed, the pit bull. Of the very small number of fatal dog attacks, even a smaller portion is reported as pit bulls, and of that number many are misreported as pit bulls.


The entire concept of BSL (breed specific legislation) seems ludicrous to me, it would rank right up there with something like HCSL (hair color specific legislation)?! That certainly sounds equally ludicrous. Of course in looking at the history of our society at times such an idea would not have been seen quite as ludicrous. So will there be a time when BSL is simply a crazy notion of the past? I think we can only hope.


Thankfully many organizations are stepping up to help stop this craziness, and provide rescue services for the pit bull breed, and many of the other misunderstood breeds. As according to some news reports, we have many 'dangerous' dog breeds, just some of which are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, Huskies, German Shephards, and even Dalmations. Yes, Dalmations! Really.. those darn those little spotted killing machines?! So what are we as a society missing here.. is it just possible that these dangerous breeds has very little do with the breed and much more to do with how they are treated and taught to behave?! Why is this such a hard concept to understand.


And as I said some of us have had negative experiences with a dog, and yes it does tend to really become ingrained in our memories, especially for us passionate animal lovers.. the first time you realize that there are some not so nice animals it can be rather unnerving. At this particular time when a dog attempted to make a meal of my finger, I was left shaken and angry. Very angry in fact, and that lasted many weeks if not months. However soon I came to realize that it really wasn't the dogs fault, the dog was simply extremely unsocialized. Again, it came down to the care the dog had received. So was this one of these so-called dangerous breeds, a rottweiler or maybe a german shephard? No, it was a chihuahua that wanted to make a meal of my finger. Ive never heard of BSL toward chihuahuas, have you?  I have no negative feelings toward chihuahuas at all, just as I have no negative feelings towards any of the listed 'dangerous' breeds. My negative feelings are aimed directly at those who simply don't understand and don't properly care for these breeds, or those that don't properly care for any breed for that matter.


There are those who don't do anything to help the plight of giving these breeds the respect the deserve. Does the name Michael Vick ring any bells? However there are many stories of these former fight dogs becoming devoted members of a family, just as there are with ANY of the 'dangerous' breeds.


So if you own one of these so called dangerous breeds, hug them close tonight, just as you would any night. Im thankful for those who help to rescue these dogs, those that give these dogs homes, and those that continue to speak out against BSL.


Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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Did you know February is Responsible Pet Owners month? What an interesting idea. Although my first thought is, why isn't EVERY month responsible pet ownership month? Why would someone adopt a dog or cat, and then not be responsible for them? Is this something like having a child and then once every 12 months making sure you feed the child?

Now I really do get the idea, unfortunately some people do need a reminder that they are to be responsible for their pets, and children. Wouldn't we all be better off if that were not the case though. However for those people who are not responsible for their pets, is one month really going to fix the problem? And if one month were to fix the problem for them, does it fix the problem for their pets?

I choose to be responsible for my pets each and every month, so what will I do to remember Responsible Pet Ownership month? I will remember that unfortunately not all pet owners do care for their pets, that there is plenty of room for better education of pet owners. Whether one month helps the situation or not is yet to be seen; we can all hope, it certainly can't hurt.

So tonight give your pets some extra cuddles, and be responsible for them! :) Happy February!

Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti


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